Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CD Roms and bingeing

Obese people who binge eat often become obese earlier than other people and start dieting earlier. Their weight goes up and down more and they have lower self esteem. They are also more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and personality disorders. A comparison of a self-help CD-Rom - based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) - with group CBT sessions found that more people dropped out of the group-therapy sessions than stopped using the CD-Rom. People on a waiting list for treatment were more likely to choose the CD-Rom than group therapy and people who used the CD-Rom carried on using it after the study had finished. Both treatments were found to reduce bingeing and there was little to choose between them in terms of effectiveness.

Shapiro, Jennifer R. ... [et al] - Feasibility and acceptability of CD-Rom-based cognitive-behavioural treatment for binge-eating disorder European Eating Disorders Review May-June 2007, 15(3), 175-184

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