Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spit, sprays and psychiatric drugs

Xerostomia is the sensation of having a dry mouth and is often caused as a side effect of psychotropic drugs. Lack of saliva can cause taste disturbances, bad breath and mouth ulcers and can affect speech, chewing and swallowing. In some patients it becomes impossible to stimulate normal saliva production and artificial saliva substitutes are used. However, a two-week French trial of a new oxygenated glycerol triester oral spray has yielded promising results. After two weeks people using the spray had less dry mouths and less speech and taste problems than people using artificial saliva. The new spray was also seen as better tasting than artificial spit.

Mouly, Stephane J. - Efficacy of a new oral lubricant solution in the management of psychotropic drug-induced xerostomia : a randomized controlled trial Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology October 27(5), 437-443

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