Monday, March 17, 2008

Group work for fathers

Research and theories about child-rearing have tended to concentrate on the role and influence of mothers rather than fathers. However, in the last few years there has been much more research into fatherhood, pointing to its importance in exerting a positive influence on areas such as academic performance, ego and moral development, communication, individual well being and relationships. Involvement of fathers has been found to promote healthier adaptation in adolescents, prevent the development of stereotypical attitudes, problems with substance abuse and sexual activity and involvement with the police. This has led to the development of fathering programmes. The Re:Membering Fatherhood programme is designed to strengthen a father's capacity, self-awareness and confidence in performing the nurturing dimensions of fatherhood and to strengthen families as a whole by preparing them to play a more meaningful and active fathering role. A study of 29 fathers using the programme found that it led to significant improvements for fathers and their participation within the family including role performance, involvement, communication, task accomplishment within the family, self-esteem, a sense of increased competence and decreased stress in parenting.

Gearing, Robert Edward ... [et al] - Re:membering fatherhood: evaluating the impact of a group intervention on fathering Journal for Specialists in Group Work March 2008, 33(1), 22-42

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