Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Personality disorders and problem gambling

The role played by personality disorders in other addictions has encouraged researchers to conduct studies into the links between personality disorders and pathological gambling. A Spanish study compared 50 pathological gamblers, 50 people being treated for other addictions and 50 other unaffected people. 32% of pathological gamblers showed a personality disorder, compared to 16% of the other addicts and 8% of the general population. The most common disorders were borderline personality (16%) followed by antisocial, narcissistic and non-specified personality disorders (8% each).

Echeburua, Enrique and Fernandez-Montalvo, Javier - Are there more personality disorders in treatment-seeking pathological gamblers than in other kinds of patients? A comparative study between the IPDE and the MCMI International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology 2008, 8(1), 53-64

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