Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dozy drinkers less likely to be drunkards

People who feel sleepy after a few drinks might be less likely to develop an alcohol problem. A gene called ADH1B*3 is associated with a lower risk of alcoholism and is found almost exclusively in people with African ancestry. Researchers from the University of Missouri studied 91 African Americans between 21 and 26. Some of them had the ADH1B*3 gene while others didn't. The participants were given a moderate amount of alcohol and those with the ADH1B*3 gene were more likely to have higher levels of sedation and a raised pulse rate. The researchers though that people with the gene might be less likely to drink if it made them feel sleepy rather than stimulated or disinhibited, or, if they are like me they might just fall asleep before they drink too much!

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