Friday, November 12, 2010

Internet therapy - how many people drop out?

The internet is used more and more to deliver treatment for mental-health problems and research has shown that internet-based treatment is effective for a number of different psychological conditions. However, there are worries about the number of people who drop out of internet-based treatment and researchers from Griffith University in Brisbane and Queensland University of Technology reviewed 19 studies into this issue carried out between 1990 and April 2009. The studies had dropout rates between two and 83% with the average rate being 31%. The researchers also found that there was little evidence to suggest which factors made it more likely that people would drop out of internet therapy.

Melville, Katherine M.; Casey, Leanne M.; Kavanagh, David J. - Dropout from Internet-based treatment for psychological disorders British Journal of Clinical Psychology 49 (4), November 2010, 455-471

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