Friday, June 29, 2007

Substance abuse and eating disorders

Previous studies have shown a link between eating disorders and substance abuse. People being treated for eating disorders have a higher rate of substance-abuse problems and people with substance-abuse problems have a higher-than-average rate of eating disorders. A large-scale study of 36,984 people in Canada has found that 'alchohol interference' (something short of alchoholism but where alchohol drinking interferes with one's life) and amphetamine use were both associated with the risk for an eating disorder in men and women. For women the risk of an eating disorder was associated with illicit drug use, dependence and interference.

Gadalla, Tahany and Piran, Niva - Eating disorders and substance abuse in Canadian men and women : a national study Eating Disorders May-June 2007, 15(3), 189-203

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