Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Personal construct psychotherapy - how well does it work ?

Personal construct psychotherapy was established in 1955 by George Kelly. He thought that we could not approach reality directly but that we interpret it according to our own models or personal constructs of how the world works. Problems arise when we fail to change our personal constructs, even when it turns out that they could be harmful or that they have little basis in reality. Personal construct therapy aims to move people to a more viable construction of reality although - unlike other cognitive therapies - the individual is not guided towards a particular point of view. A review of studies into the effectiveness of personal construct psychotherapy has found that there is strong evidence of the beneficial effects of the technique. However studies which compared it to other methods of treatment found that it was neither more nor less effective than other talking therapies.

Metcalfe, Chris, Winter, David and Viney, Linda - The effectiveness of personal construct psychotherapy in clinical practice : a systematic review and meta-analysis Psychotherapy Researcy July 2007, 17(4), 431-442

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