Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sex, drink and forward rolls

A study of 2,123 students in America compared the attitudes to, and experience of, sex and drink of those students who were involved in sport and those who were not. Sporty students drank more over the course of a week, were more likely to mix sex and alcohol and had a greater number of sexual partners than other students. Sporty students were more likely to see sex as an enhancement of their self esteem rather than as part and parcel of an intimate relationship. Those who adopted the 'notch-on-the-bedpost' approach to sex were more likely to have a higher number of sexual partners and to mix sex and drink while those who saw sex as part of a relationship were more likely to have fewer sexual partners and to drink less before sex.

Grossbard, Joel R. ... [et al] - Alcohol and risky sex in athletes and nonathletes : what role do sex motives play? Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs July 2007, 68(4), 566-574

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