Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eating disorder treatment - what patients think is important

Eating disorders are most prevalent in young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. They are often difficult to treat and can take years to recover from. More than half of patients do not recover. However, there has been little research into what eating-disorder patients themselves consider to be the most important elements in their treatment. A survey of 132 eating disorder patients in Belgium and Holland found that 'improving self-esteem', 'improving body experience' and 'learning problem-solving skills' were seen as the most important parts of treatment ; a view shared by the patients' therapists.

Vanderlinden, J. ... [et al] - Which elements in the treatment of eating disorders are necessary 'ingredients' in the recovery process ? - a comparison between the patient's and therapist's view European Eating Disorders Review 15, 357-365

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