Monday, September 17, 2007

Escitalopram for depression and anxiety

A 12-week French study looked at the effects of a drug called Escitalopram on people suffering from depression, and from depression and anxiety. After 12 weeks, on average, the patients showed significant reductions in their depression and anxiety levels although nearly a third of patients (31%) reported some side effects. The most frequent side effects were nausea which was experienced by 8% of the participants and headaches which were experienced by 5% of the patients. 8% of the study's participants dropped out by the end of the study because of the side effects of the drug. However people taking drugs for mental-health problems often experience some side effects and the researchers concluded that 'escitalopram was well tolerated and efficacious in reducing symptoms of depression in patients with or without comorbid anxiety over a 12-week treatment period'

Olie, Jean-Pierre ... [et al] - A prospective study of escitalopram in the treatment of major depressive episodes in the presence or absence of anxiety Depression and Anxiety 24: 318-324

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