Monday, September 22, 2008

Perfectionism and anorexia

Perfectionism is the tendency to set and pursue unrealistically high standards despite the occurence of adverse consequences. Perfectionism has long been known to be linked to anorexia but there have been relatively few long-term studies into this link. A Swedish study of 68 patients assessed their eating disorder symptoms, mental-health and perfectionism 8 and 16 years after their first use of child and adolescent psychiatric services. Even after the participants' anorexia symptoms and general mental health had improved their levels of perfectionism stayed the same and the more perfectionist they were the longer it took them to recover.

Nilsson, Karin, Sundbom, Elisabet and Hagglof, Bruno - A longitudinal study of perfectionism in adolescent onset anorexia nervosa - restricting type European Eating Disorders Review September-October 2008, 16(5), 386-394

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