Friday, April 17, 2009

Depression, coronary artery disease and heart failure

Depression is known to be linked to worse outcomes in people who have had a heart attack and new research suggests that this could also be the case for people with coronary artery disease as well. Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Centre in Utah studied 13,708 people who did not have a history of depression, heart failure or antidepressant use when they were first diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Of those who were subsequently diagnosed with depression 16.4% went on to have a heart attack, compared to only 3.6% of those who were not depressed. For those people who were depressed, whether or not they took an antidepressant made little difference to their chances of having a heart attack. However, for those people who were not diagnosed with depression but who were taking antidepressants the antidepressants did not lead to an increased risk of heart failure.

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