Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dropping out of depression treatment

People who drop out of treatment for their depression are less likely to recover but why people drop out has received little study. Researchers from the University of Texas studied 179 people being treated for depression over the course of a year. 23% had dropped out after six months, 47% after a year. Beliefs about the perceived harmfulness of antidepressants predicted dropping out. Younger age and fewer side effects at baseline were associated with dropping out after six months. Younger age, better perceived physical functioning and more negative attitudes about antidepressants were associated with dropping out after a year.

Warden, Diane ... [et al] - Predictors of attrition during one year of depression treatment: a roadmap to personalized intervention Journal of Psychiatric Practice March 2009, 15(2), 113-124

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Andrea Buffie said...

I dropped out of treatment 2 years ago. The feeling flat (no crying, no laughing) and all the weight gain was getting to me, so I just stopped. Little did I know 1 year later I would end up at the Psych Health Center with severe anxiety, I could not walk as my knees felt like jello and I could not talk, just whisper. I stayed in hospital for 7 weeks and have been stable now for 6 months. I will never do that again.
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