Friday, February 19, 2010

Alcohol and bipolar disorder

Researchers from the University Medical Centre in Amsterdam have been looking into the effects of alcohol consumption on people with bipolar disorder. They studied 137 people with bipolar disorder. 44 drank very little or nothing at all, 49 were moderate drinkers who drank less than the Government's recommended amount and 44 were heavy drinkers who drank more than this. The participants kept diaries of their moods for at least two months. Contrary to expectations the group of heavy drinkers did not have a greater number of depressed days, mood swings or other symptoms than the occasional or moderate drinkers. 90% of the sample took their medication regularly and none of them had any other health problems so these factors may have lessened the impact of the alcohol. The study was a small-scale one and it is not a good idea to drink more than the recommended limits of alcohol - even if there is no impact on bipolar disorder!

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