Tuesday, March 02, 2010

COPP helps people cope with eating disorders

About 30% of patients do not respond to treatment for an eating disorder and between 30-42% of patients who do manage to put on weight have relapses later. After talking to people with long-term eating disorders clinicians in Canada developed the Community Outreach Partnership Programme (COPP) which does not directly concentrate on eating-disorder symptoms but aims to improve people's quality of life while living with an eating disorder, decrease anxiety and depression symptoms, increase people's independence and give them more hope for the future. A team of researchers led by Kim D. Williams from St Paul's hospital in Vancouver studied the effectiveness of COPP in a sample of 31 people with eating disorders. They found that the COPP programme led to significant reductions in 'global distress', hopelessness and eating disorder symptoms and an increase in the participants' BMIs.

Williams, Kim D., Dobney, Tracey and Geller, Josie - Setting the eating disorder aside: an alternative model of care European Eating Disorders Review March-April 2010, 18(2), 90-96

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