Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heavy drinkers, unhealthy lifestyles

People who drink more than is good for them are also unhealthy in lots of other ways. Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research studied 7,884 people. They defined risky drinkers as those who on average drank more than three drinks a day, women or men who drank more than four or five drinks respectively at a sitting and people who were identified as at-risk drinkers using a commonly-used screening test. They found that risky drinkers were also more likely to smoke, less likely to use their seatbelts and eat healthily and less likely to see their doctors regularly. However, people who drank moderately - one to three drinks a day - were healthier than teetotallers, former drinkers, light drinkers (less than one drink a day) and heavier drinkers.

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Aiping Wang said...

Once you challenge a commonly held belief you force the other person to re-assess what they know to be true, not in order to validate its truth, but to really understand why they know it to be true in the first place.