Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to really make life better for people? Spend more on nurseries

Boosting nursery (kindergarten) education could have a huge impact on people's prospects later in life. Researchers from Harvard University used data from a study into the effect of class sizes on nursery children carried out in the mid-1980s. They studied 12,000 people who took part in the original study and were now in their 30s. The study found that those who progressed from average to above-average over their last year of nursery school made $1,000 more a year by the time they were 27 than those whose scores remained average. They were more likely to go to college, less likely to be a single parent, more likely to own their own home and more likely to be saving for their retirement. Being in a smaller class had improved outcomes in the original study and was found to have increased the probability of attending college by 2%.

You can find out more about this research by clicking on the link in the title of this post.

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