Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sleep problems and depression and anxiety in children

Many children can suffer from difficulties in sleeping, however, for a small number of them this could be linked to depression and anxiety. An Italian study of 322 children between the ages of 7 and 11 compared those with depression, those with depression and anxiety, and a control group of unaffected children. 82% of the depressed children reported sleep problems, compared to only 5% of the controls. 42% of those with depression and anxiety and 29% of those with depression had problems getting to sleep. Depressed and depressed-and-anxious children had a significant tendency to a later bedtime and more fragmented sleep. 20% of the depressed-and-anxious children and 17% of the depressed children shared their parents' bed compared to only 5% of the control group.

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david said...

I thought my son had a sleeping problem when he was young, I tried asking him what the problem was but he said nothing. A few doctors trips later I found out that he was wetting the mattress, I suppose I would have problems sleeping in a wet bed!

John Gale said...

Thanks for your comment David. I hope your son is sleeping better now. Or has he got kids of his own by this time?!

Anonymous said...

Children who spent hours in front of the television are not always jolly, lively, and happy. They apart from developing a dislike towards their neighbouring environment and suspiciousness also run the risk of falling into depression. Studies have also shown that most of the children watch the television out of insecurity and a mental disturbance also.