Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fish really is brain food

Fish is often thought to be good brain food and a Swedish study by researchers at Goteborg University has found that it could be linked to higher intelligence in teenage boys. 4,792 teenage boys filled out detailed questionnaires on diet and lifestyle when they were fifteen and took IQ tests when they were eighteen. On average those who ate fish more than once a week had higher IQs than those who ate fish less than once a week. The difference remained even when parents' education levels and the family's socioeconomic status was taken into account. Other studies have found that children whose mothers ate fish during their pregnancy tend to have higher intelligence scores and that older people who eat fish have a lower risk of cognitive impairment. But the fact that fish can help adolescent's brains is particularly significant as this is a crucial period in the brain's development and a time when exam results can determine children's futures.

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If you don't eat about 3 servings of fish per week, you should really consider taking a fish oil supplement on a regular basis

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