Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suicide among Asians in England

People from India who move overseas tend to have high rates of suicide. There are a large number of people either from India or of Indian descent in the U.K. now and an article in the journal Mental Health in Family Medicine reviews the research into suicides in this group. It found that women were more likely than men to kill, or try and kill, themselves. Asians who attempt to, or succeed in, killing themselves are more likely to be suffering from stress but less likely to have been diagnosed as mentally ill. Their psychological problems had either been overlooked by their GPs or never presented to them. Hindus were more likely to kill themselves than Muslims.

Ineichen, Bernard - Suicide and attempted suicide among South Asians in England: who is at risk? Mental Health in Family Medicine 2008, 5(3), 135-138

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