Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What people at work will put up with - even before the credit crunch

People are prepared to put up with hostility in the workplace before they think about changing their job. Researchers at Kansas State University analyzed online surveys and found that among workers reporting hostility in their current position 45% had no definite plans to leave their current job and 59% either liked - or at least did not dislike - their current post. The surveys found that people were equally affected by hostility from their co-workers as from their superiors. Exclusionary hostility - being reprimanded in front of others, having one's contributions ignored or being excluded from social activities - was seen as more damaging than interfering hostility such as being gossiped about or having equipment sabotaged. The research was carried out before the economic downturn so presumably people are even more reluctant to leave their jobs now.

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