Monday, December 07, 2009

The burden of depression and anxiety

Worldwide, mental-health problems accounted for 9.4% of the burden of illness in 2002, compared to 9.9% for cardiovascular disease and 5.1% for cancer. Within mental illness depression is thought to make up about 55% of the burden, with anxiety making up 30%. Tahany M. Gadalla, from the University of Toronto, used data from the 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey, covering 108,986 people to look at the impact of depression and anxiety in Canada. Her study found that there were higher rates of anxiety and depression among women, those between 30-69, those who were single, divorced or widowed, those born in Canada, those with a low income and those with a chronic physical illness. Having anxiety or depression was significantly associated with short-term disability, needing help with daily activities and a reduction/modification of work activitiy.

Gadalla, Tahany M. - Association between mood and anxiety disorders and self-reported disability: results from a nationally representative sample of Canadians Journal of Mental Health December 2009, 18(6), 495-503

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