Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stopping sex offenders reoffending - how successful are treatments?

There is growing confidence in the ability of health professionals to predict reoffending by sex offenders but less optimism about the effectiveness of treatment. Researchers from Oxleas NHS Trust in south-east London studied 273 sex offenders who had been in the community for an average of nine years. 128 of them had received community treatment from the Challenge Project programme in south-east London. The study found encouraging results to suggest that higher risk and more psychologically-disturbed people who took part in the cognitive-behavioural treatment on offer were likely to complete the programme with high levels of attendance and were less likely to reoffend and breach their parole orders.

Craissati, Jackie, South, Rebecca and Bierer, Klive - Exploring the effectiveness of community sex offender treatment in relation to risk and re-offending Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology December 2009, 20(6), 769-784

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