Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Drunken mums and screwed-up kids

Psychologists sometimes use the maximum number of drinks people can remember having in one evening as a 'proxy' measure of alcohol problems. Not surprisingly women who can remember downing eighteen rum and cokes in an evening don't always make perfect mothers and a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities have been looking into the relationship between mothers' maximum drinks ever consumed in 24 hours and their children's mental-health problems. They found that having a higher maximum consumption, even just at one point in a mother's life, was associated with conduct disorder, disruptive disorder and early substance use and misuse in their children.

Malone, Stephen M., McGue, Matt and Iacono, William G. - Mothers' maximum drinks ever consumed in 24 hours predicts mental health problems in adolescent offspring Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry September 2010, 51(9), 1067-1075

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