Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New figures show extent of U.K.'s drink problem

New figures from the North West Public Health Observatory in the U.K. have revealed the shocking extent of the U.K.'s alcohol problem. The figures show that there were 954,469 alcohol-related admissions to English hospitals in the year ending March 2009, a rise of 9.5% on 2007/8 and which translates to two admissions per minute. Over five years the number of admissions has grown by 65% and the figure excludes those treated only in Accident and Emergency Departments. People in northern cities like Newcastle and Liverpool were three times more likely to be admitted than those in southern areas like the Isle of Wight and the Chilterns. Around 15,500 people die as a result of alcohol each year and over one in four people go over the safe weekly limit.

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