Monday, January 21, 2008

Alchohol and assaults in adolescence

Previous research based on college students has documented a strong relationship between alcohol and sexual assault but there has been limited research on the association between alcohol and sexual assault among adolescents. A U.S. survey of 1,037 teenagers found that alcohol was involved in approximately 12-20% of sexual assault cases. For girls the presence of alchohol during assault differed significantly based on the location at which the assault occured ranging from 6% at the victim's home to 29% at parties or at someone else's home. Alcohol-related assault among females was more likely to involve physical force than non-alcohol related assault.

Young, Amy ... [et al] - Alcohol-related sexual assault victimization among adolescents: prevalence, characteristics and correlates Journal of Studies on Alchohol and Drugs January 2008, 69(1), 39-48

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