Thursday, January 17, 2008

Psychosocial interventions for relapse in bipolar disorder

Although drugs are the main method of treating bipolar disorder psychosocial interventions are also important to address issues such as medication adherence, awareness and understanding of the disorder, early identification of symptoms and coping skills. When combined with drug treatment they enable individuals to take a more active role in the management of their disorder and lead to improvements in mood stability, occupational and social functioning and quality of life. A review of psychosocial interventions found that cognitive behaviour therapy or group psychoeducation may be effective in relapse prevention in stable individuals. Family therapy was no more or less effective than individual psychosocial therapy or crisis management. There was no evidence that care management or integrated group therapy were effective in the prevention of relapse.

Beynon, Suzanne ... [et al] - Psychosocial interventions for the prevention of relapse in bipolar disorder: systematic review of controlled trials British Journal of Psychiatry 192: 5-11

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