Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Massive suicide study reports

The largest, most representative study of suicidal behaviour ever conducted has found that risk factors for suicidal thoughts, plans and attempts appear to be similar across the globe. Risk factors include having a mental disorder, being female, younger, less educated and unmarried. The study, by the World Health Organization, interviewed 84,850 adults in 17 countries. Among those interviewed 9.2% reported that they had seriously thought about suicide and 2.7% reported making a suicide attempt at some point in their lives. Rates of suicidal thoughts ranged from 3.1% of people in China to 15.9% in New Zealand. The risk of sucidal thoughts increased sharply during adolescence and young adulthood and impulse control disorders, substance use disorders and anxiety disorders were all associated with a significantly higher risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts.

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