Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bibliotherapy for depression

Bibliotherapy involves reading text for the treatment of emotional and physical problems. It has been defined as standardized treatment in book form that an individual works through, independent of any assistance from healthcare professionals. The books or manuals have a psychotherapeutic approach that provides information and outlines strategies that the patient can use to generate insight, stimulate awareness of negative emotions and cognitions and provide solutions to problems that can be used in everyday life. An Australian study of 84 mildly to moderately depressed adults compared a control group to a group using bibliotherapy with minimal assistance and a group using bibliotherapy with telephone support. Both treatment groups had significant reductions in their levels of depression compared to the control group, gains which were maintained at a 1-month follow-up.

Bilich, Linda L. ... [et al] - Effectiveness of bibliotherapy self-help for depression with varying levels of telephone helpline support Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy March-April 2008, 15(2), 61-74

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