Friday, April 18, 2008

Disordered eating in Israel

Disordered eating behaviours are commonly reported by adolescents, particularly girls. Whereas some dieting behaviours such as taking more exercise and eating less fat may be healthy for overweight or obese adolescents unhealthy weight control behaviours such as fasting, vomiting or using laxatives are not and run the risk of developing into a full-blown eating disorder. A study of 2,978 Israeli schoolgirls with an average age of 14.7 found that 30% met the criteria for disordered eating. Being Jewish or underweight protected against disordered eating but dieting, early puberty, being overweight or obese and being constipated all increased the risk. Socio-economic status, physical activity and smoking had no effect of people's risk of developing disordered eating.

Kaluski, Dorit Nitzan ... [et al] - Determinants of disordered eating behaviors among Israeli adolescent girls Eating Disorders March-April 2008, 16(2), 146-159

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