Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fluoxetine and relapse prevention in childhood depression

Major depressive disorder is a serious problem among young people with between 2-8% of children and adolescents affected. Young people with depression often have significant impairments in relationships, school and work and are at an increased risk for substance abuse, attempted and completed suicide and depression in adulthood. As many as 50-75% of children with major depression have recurrent episodes with recurrence most often occuring within 6-12 months after remission. A U.S. study of 102 children recovering from depression compared a group being given fluoxetine to a group being given a placebo. The group being given fluoxetine were significantly less likely to have a relapse and went longer between relapses than the control group.

Emslie, Graham J. ... [et al] - Fluoxetine versus placebo in preventing relapse of major depression in children and adolescents American Journal of Psychiatry April 2008, 165(4), 459-467

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