Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unhealthy minds and unhealthy bodies

Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and excess alcohol consumption are the leading causes of preventable death and evidence suggests that the risk of engaging in these behaviours is higher among people with certain psychiatric conditions, particularly depression and anxiety. A large-scale U.S. study of 217,379 people found that, overall, adults with current depression or who had been diagnosed with depression or anxiety at some point in their lives were significantly more likely to smoke, to be obese, to be physically inactive, to binge drink and to drink heavily. The more severe people's depression the more likely they were to smoke, to be obese and to be physically inactive.

Strine, Tara W. ... [et al] - The association of depression and anxiety with obesity and unhealthy behaviors among community-dwelling U.S. adults General Hospital Psychiatry January-February 2008, 30(1), 127-137

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