Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bodybuilders, body dissatisfaction and bulimia

Body dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating practices are common in sports and activities that require low body fat or a low weight for improved performance. Competitive bodybuilding requires its participants to be exceptionally lean and bodybuilders often have unhealthy eating patterns and use anabolic steroids. A Canadian study of 45 women compared competitive bodybuilders with recreational weight trainers. The study found high rates of weight and shape preoccupation, body dissatisfaction, bulimic practices and anabolic steroid use among the bodybuilders and similar problems (albeit to a lesser degree) in the weight trainers. The competitive bodybuilders shared many of the eating patterns of the women with bulimia but few psychological traits.

Goldfield, Gary S. - Body image, disordered eating and anabolic steroid use in female bodybuilders Eating Disorders May-June 2009, 17(3), 200-210

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