Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CBT for insomnia

Most people with insomnia can be treated effectively with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Researchers from Kentucky studied the effectiveness of CBT on 64 participants who all completed five or more treatment sessions. The CBT teaches strategies to 'reset' the bodily systems that regulate sleep. Specific strategies included education on sleep-regulating systems, sleep-scheduling recommendations, sleep-hygiene education, relaxation training, cognitive therapy and mindfulness training. The results of the study showed that 50-60% of the participants experienced remission of their main sleep problem. The participants also showed improvements in sleep efficiency, average nightly awakenings, total sleep time and average nights of sleep medication use per week.

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josheph said...

If you are suffering from sleep problems such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea, you need to consider this problem seriously and adopt specific measures at the earliest to get back your sleep. Regular exercising is one of the options to ensure sound sleep at night. Altogether, if you are unable to get adequate sleep during night, you can undertake certain initiatives to overcome your sleep problems such as fixing your sleeping as well as waking schedule and abstaining from alcohol, nicotine, tea, coffee et al before hitting the bed.