Monday, July 06, 2009

Counselling Directory web site

Counselling Directory is an online web directory listing counsellors and psychotherapists all over the UK. Each counsellor has a profile stating what areas they specialise in, a bit about their background, and their qualifications. All the counsellors registered on the site have a relevant qualification, and insurance cover, or proof of registration and the site also has a wealth of information about mental-health, as well as a blog about the latest health news. You can search the site by typing in your town or postcode. This gives you a list of all the counsellors in your area, allowing you to browse through them and select and contact one that would be exactly suited to your needs. The site is free to use and has been running for four years. It has recently been featured in an article on the Times website and has had lots of positive feedback from site users and counsellors alike.

You can visit the Counselling Directory web site at

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