Friday, July 24, 2009

Survey highlights Alzheimer's ignorance

An online survey of 690 adults by researchers at the University of Connecticut has revealed surprising ignorance about the links between unhealthy lifestyles and Alzheimer's disease. 64% of the sample said that there was no link between obesity and high blood pressure and Alzheimer's, 66% did not know that high levels of stress are a risk factor and 34% did not know that physical exercise could protect against developing Alzheimer's.

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Wellescent Health Forums said...

I think that, in general, the population is unaware of many of the factors that increase the risks of poor health over a life time and that the few messages that are received are those that have a considerable advertising budget behind the dissemination of the message.

John Gale said...

I would definitely agree with you. Although they are not a cure all I think exercise, healthy eating and keeping a healthy weight are all really important for one's mental as well as physical health. But then as nobody makes any money out of them it's a lot more profitable to advertise pills, gym memberships and dietary supplements.
Best Wishes,
John Gale,
Mental Health Update