Friday, September 04, 2009

Bullying and sleep problems

Researchers from University College Dublin studied the links between workplace bullying and sleep problems in 7,694 people in southeast France. They found that 22.3% of women and 17.08% of men reported having "some or a great deal of trouble" sleeping. They found that men who were currently being bullied were 2.29 times more likely to have sleep problems while those who were exposed to daily, or near-daily, bullying were 2.39 times at greater risk of disturbed sleep. Women were also at greater risk of sleep problems if they experienced daily or near-daily bullying (1.73) or had been exposed to bullying for more than five years (1.87). 32% of women and 31% of men said that they had observed workplace bullying in the last 12 months. Even people who had only witnessed workplace bullying were still more likely to develop sleep problems.

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