Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Older drinkers, stronger drinks behind rise in alcohol consumption

New research by private company Mintel has shown that although drink sales - by can or bottle - have remained steady since 2000 alcohol consumption per person has risen by 10%. This is because wines and lagers are becoming stronger and people are unaware of the changes. The average alcohol content of wine is now 13% as opposed to 11% in the past and 5% premium lagers are also more popular now. Mintel's research suggests that it is older people drinking at home rather than young adults binge drinking that is behind the rise in alcohol consumption. Interestingly 22% fewer 18-24-year-olds agreed with the statement "the point of drinking is to get drunk" than five years ago. In the U.K. a third of men and a fifth of women drink more than the recommended daily limits.

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