Friday, November 06, 2009

10 Common myths about bipolar disorder

Adrienne Carlson has compiled a list of 10 common myths about bipolar disorder with lots of useful information aimed at combating some of the stigma around the condition. The myths are:

  1. Bipolar disorder is merely mood swings
  2. Manic episodes are characterized by extreme happiness
  3. Bipolar shifts happen very quickly
  4. It is OK to quit taking medication during manic episodes
  5. Bipolar disorder is very rare
  6. Bipolar disorder is not an illness
  7. People with bipolar disorder are inherently unstable or violent
  8. Most people with bipolar disorder are women
  9. Prolonged drug abuse can eventually lead to bipolar disorder
  10. People with bipolar disorder cannot hold down jobs

You can find out more about these issues on Adrienne's blog at

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