Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Self-harm and car accidents

A study of newly-licensed drivers by researchers at the George Institute in Australia has found that those who had engaged in self-harm were more likely to be involved in car accidents. The researchers studied 18,871 newly-licensed Australian drivers aged between 17 and 24. 4.6% of the sample had engaged in self-harm - defined as: cutting and burning, poisoning, self-battering, road-related harm, risk-taking and attempted suicide - of whom 58.7% were women. Of those who had reported self-harm 10.1% had been involved in a crash and 84% of those who had had a crash were involved in multi-car pile-ups. The risks associated with self harm were significant even after age, sex, average driving hourse per week, psychological distress and amount of sleep had been taken into account.

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