Thursday, April 22, 2010

Britain leads the way - in binge drinking

British people are the biggest binge drinkers in Europe. Polling company Eurobarometer surveyed 18,000 people across Europe and found that although British people were not the most frequent drinkers they did drink the most at a single sitting with 12% of the population admitting that they have up to ten drinks (five pints) in a single night out. Only 20% of Britons said they had drunk nothing at all in the last year compared to double that number in Portugal, Italy and Hungary. Denmark and Sweden were the countries with the fewest teetotallers - 10%. Italians and Portuguese were more likely to drink little but often with 60% saying they drank up to two glasses every day of the week. Figures from the U.K.'s Home Office show that crime and disorder caused by binge drinking costs the taxpayer between $8-13 billion a year.

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