Friday, December 21, 2007

Drug deaths in Scotland

Drug-related deaths (DRDs) have been increasing in Scotland over the last ten years. A team of Scottish researchers looked at the coroner's records for all the drug-related deaths in Scotland in 2003 to see what trends emerged. 80% of the deaths were male and the mean age at death was 32.8. 51% of those who died injected drugs and those who injected drugs were more likely to be younger and male. 25-44-year-olds made up 79% of the deaths by drug injection but only 47% of the other drug deaths. Heroin was involved in 87% of the deaths but two-thirds of the DRDs also tested positive for benzodiazepines.

Zador, Deborah ... [et al] - Difference between injectors and non-injectors, and high prevalence of benzodiazepines among drug related deaths in Scotland 2003 Addiction Research and Theory December 2007, 15(6), 651-662

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