Friday, December 14, 2007

OCD and sexual functioning

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often associated with difficulties in interpersonal relationships. The more severe people's OCD the greater the difficulties but even subclinical (some of the symptoms but not the full-blown disorder) OCD is associated with some impairment in social functioning. People with OCD often have low self-esteem, a sense of shame and dissatisfaction with their social functioning and avoid activities and contact with other people. A study of OCD and romantic functioning looked at 64 people with the condition who completed measures of OCD symptoms, depressive symptoms, intimacy, self-disclosure, relationship satisfaction and relationship worry. The more severe people's OCD the more problems they had with intimacy, relationship satisfaction and self-disclosure. However, two compulsive behaviours (washing and neutralizing) were positively correlated with several relationship variables. Fear of contamination from sexual activity was linked to the severity of OCD symptoms.

Abbey, Richard D., Clopton, James R. and Humphreys, Joy D. - Obsessive-compulsive disorder and romantic functioning Journal of Clinical Psychology December 2007, 63(12), 1181-1192

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