Friday, December 14, 2007

Polypharmacy in pregnancy

There is increasing concern about the use of multiple medications (polypharmacy) among people with mental-health problems and this is particularly the case when people are pregnant as the effects of taking multiple medications during pregnancy are unknown. A study of 115 pregnant women with mental-health problems in the U.S. found that the average number of medications taken during pregnancy was three although over a quarter (26.8%) of the women took between six and ten different drugs over the course of their pregnancy. The researchers found that no dose changes were made to the prescribed medications to reflect changes in metabolism during pregnancy and that the most frequently prescribed drugs for this group of women were from the opiate family.

Peindl, Kathleen S. ... [et al] - Polypharmacy in pregnant women with major psychiatric illnesses : a pilot study Journal of Psychiatric Practice, November 2007, 13(6), 385-392

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