Friday, December 14, 2007

Paedophiles and sex offenders compared

A study of 837 sex offenders in New York compared those who had committed offences against adolescents and adults with those who had committed offences against children. Paedophiles were older and less likely to use a weapon or force than other offenders. They were more likely to molest males or victims of both genders than female victims. They were also more likely to commit multiple acts and engage in 'deviant intercourse' (oral and anal sex) with their victims and less likely to have 'conventional' sex with them. Offenders against adolescents tended to fall halfway between paedophiles and other sex offenders.

Cohen, Lisa J. ... [et al] - Comparison of sexual offenders against children with sexual offenders against adolescents and adults : data from the New York State Sex Offender Registry Journal of Psychiatric Practice November 2007, 13(6), 373-384

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