Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Depression and bulimia: which comes first?

Research has shown that eating disorders and depression often go together in girls and women. One study found that 46% of inpatients with bulimia also had depression. However, it is not known whether depression causes bulimia, bulimia causes depression or if the relationship works both ways. Researchers from Southern Methodist University in Dallas studied 496 adolescents over an eight-year period. They found that depression predicted bulimia and bulimia predicted depression i.e. the relationship worked both ways. However, the relationship was weak in both directions suggesting there might be a third factor behind the link.

Presnell, Katherine ... [et al] - Depression and eating pathology: prospective reciprocal relations in adolescents Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy July-August 2009, 16(4), 357-365


Keith said...

If you only throw up from time to time, does that make you bullemic?


Guest said...

I'm not sure whether that would meet the strict criteria for bulimia but it is definitely unhealthy behaviour which you might need to get help for.
Best Wishes,
John Gale,
Mental Health Update