Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Narcissism in the workplace

Researchers from Florida State University have been looking into the effects of narcissism in the workplace. They asked more than 1,200 people about their managers and found that

  • 31% said that their boss exaggerated their accomplishments to look good in front of others
  • 27% said that their boss bragged to other people to get praise
  • 25% said that their boss had an inflated view of himself or herself
  • 24% said that their boss was self-centred
  • 20% said that their boss would only do a favour if they were guaranteed one in return

Those people with a narcissistic boss had lower levels of job satisfaction, higher stress, were less appreciative of their work and organization, reported lower levels of effort and performance and were more prone to sadness and frustration at work. Narcissists can often end up in managerial roles as they are seen as outgoing and confident.

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