Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why women sleep worse than men

Women tend to report more sleep problems than men. Researchers, led by David Maume from the University of Cincinatti, examined this issue in a study of 583 people, 62% of whom were women. The researchers found that gender differences in health status accounted for 27% of the gap between men and women's sleep as women were more likely to report that health problems disturbed their sleep. Women were also more likely to report trouble balancing work and family requirements than men and this accounted for 17% of the sleep gap. Having children was also a factor and this lay behind 5% of the gap. Women were more likely than men to report more sleep disruption when they were concerned about their marriages, worked unsociable hours and when work and family life negatively affected one another. Men whose wives worked full-time reported more sleep disruption as did men who saw their work/family roles as being on an equal footing with their partner.

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