Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Antipsychotics and diabetes

More people are being prescribed antipsychotic drugs these days and more people are developing type 2 diabetes. But is there a link between taking antipsychotic medication and developing diabetes? So far the evidence is unclear but a team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen studied 1,772,425 people (about a third of the total Danish population) in an attempt to find out. 345,937 people had been prescribed antipsychotics and 50,739 developed diabetes over the course of the study, which ran from 1996 to 2005. Treatment with 'first-generation' antipsychotics led to a 53% increase in risk and 'second-generation' antipsychotics had a 32% increase. The incidence of diabetes increased in line with the number of prescriptions and the number of different drugs people were prescribed.

Kessing, Lars Vedel ... [et al] - Treatment with antipsychotics and the risk of diabetes in clinical practice Britsih Journal of Psychiatry October 2010, 197(4), 266-271

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